DNOW is an annual event for students in grades 6th-12th.  

Students will have the opportunity to spend the weekend together in worship services, community and games.  Students will stay together in a local home, normally grouped together with their grade and gender.

Early bird deadline for $45 is January 18.
Final Deadline for $55 is January 25.


Zak mirz

Zak is a first-generation American as his parents immigrated from Iran and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, when Zak was only 1, his father was murdered.  Growing up, Zak turned to magic as an escape from reality and he found it was something he could share. Today as a professional magician, Zak tours worldwide with his stage show to share wonder and the message of hope with his audiences.

Besides being a magic advisor to David Blaine’s special “The Magic Way”, Zak FOOLED Penn and Teller on the hit TV show “Penn & Teller: Fool Us!”, appeared on the Travel Channel’s “Magic Caught on Camera” and has created a deck of cards to raise both money and awareness to fight human trafficking.

Want to help? Here’s what we need:

1. Host Homes—Students will be split up into area homes based on grade and gender. Each home will consist of approximately 10-16 people. The host provides a place for students to sleep Friday and Saturday nights and is also where small group Bible study and meal times happen. Families will drop off students to the host home on Friday evening.

2. Food Coordinators—Teenagers like to eat.  Food Coordinators help arrange food for each home and/or help prepare lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday which is served at the church.

3. Drivers—Throughout the weekend, we need the support of many people to drive students around. This year, that involves helping get students back and forth from the church and host homes on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. We anticipate that this year could be our biggest D-Now ever, so we really need your help to make it happen!

4. Leaders—DNOW would not be possible without leaders who stay in the home overnight with each group, lead our small group sessions, and invest in the lives of our students throughout the weekend.